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Ancient Egypt, The World's Fairs, And The Deception Of History

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Buckle up, get your note pads ready, and have your ladle's out because this episode is full of great information/gravy. I was honored to have on the show, Mr. Howdie Mickoski. Howdie is a historian and author who shows in his work that the history we are told is a complete fabrication, deceiving, and in many aspects a straight out lie. As in the title of this episode, Howdie deep dives into ancient Egypt and the deceptions surrounding not just the pyramids of Giza, but ALL the pyramids and how the technology used to construct these ancient wonders of the world far outdates the mainstream narrative. Howdie also takes us on a ride as we look into the World's fairs across the realm throughout the 1800s- the early 1900's, the mass destruction of every single fair due to city wide fires, the orphan trains, the theatrical exhibitions at the fairs, baby incubators, and the logistical inconsistencies that builders today call "impossible" with the machines and technology we have today. You're not going to want to miss this episode. You can find Howdie on Youtube: Howdie Mickoski Talks You can find Howdie's books on Amazon and all major bookstores online. ***Highly recommend you buy his books*** You can also support Howdie's work by donating at his website: https://www.egyptian-wisdom-revealed.... If you would like to support the show, you can become a Patreon member at the link here: Patreon.com/pat_life For all the podcasts, music, and training, visit my website: thepatlife.org *** If you're looking for more information on GOATA, interactive group training, zoom meetings discussing training and more, I will be having a subscription set up on the website for $5/month. Stay tuned! Information on the Aquacure: Eagle research is offering a generous 20% off ($499) the purchase of his Aquacure when typing in the promo code: patlife If you are looking to homeschool your children, or know someone who is looking to homeschool, please check out Brett Pike's website and link below for his newly launched Homeschools Connected. Here, he gives parents all the tools they need to start the homeschooling process, as well as a curriculum tailored to your child/children's interest and strengths. Apply promo code: pat for $5 off your monthly subscription. With the promo code, you'll be receiving all of the benefits of the website and community for only $10 a month. https://launchpass.com/homeschool-con... Unbearablesmedia.com