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Lucid Dreaming And The Lessons Learned Through Multiple Realities

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Our last conversation was well received, and this follow up episode will not disappoint. Woodshop and I dive right into the dream state, and how it is more than just a dream. We share our experiences in these dreams and how they have shaped our perception of this reality. We dive deep into what our theories are as to what this realm is, our purpose here, and how to navigate it. We once again tackle the innerchild, demons, and finding compassion in these biblical times. No matter what your beliefs are, you are here experiencing this reality for a reason, and everyone of us came into this realm from our mother's-- or a surrogates-- womb. The divine spark is why we are all here... You were designed perfectly by the creator, and your purpose here has meaning. You can find Woodshop on Instagram: Woodshop Bear and Little bear woodshop. You can also find him on Facebook and Tik Tok as well under Little Bear Woodshop. If you would like to support the show, you can become a Patreon member at the link here: Patreon.com/pat_life For all the podcasts, music, and training, visit my website: thepatlife.org *** If you're looking for more information on GOATA, interactive group training, zoom meetings discussing training and more, I will be having a subscription set up on the website for $5/month. Stay tuned! Information on the Aquacure: Eagle research is offering a generous 20% off ($499) the purchase of his Aquacure when typing in the promo code: patlife If you are looking to homeschool your children, or know someone who is looking to homeschool, please check out Brett Pike's website and link below for his newly launched Homeschools Connected. Here, he gives parents all the tools they need to start the homeschooling process, as well as a curriculum tailored to your child/children's interest and strengths. Apply promo code: pat for $5 off your monthly subscription. With the promo code, you'll be receiving all of the benefits of the website and community for only $10 a month. https://launchpass.com/homeschool-con... Unbearablesmedia.com