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The Hidden Dangers of Wireless Technology and How to Protect Yourself (Matt Landman)

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In this podcast, Matt Landman and Patrick discuss the topic of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and their potential impact on health and the environment. Matt Landman is an activist and entrepreneur who has made a business and documentary film about weather engineering and geoengineering, as well as created an EMF protection clothing line. They discuss the importance of not subscribing to fear and that there are solutions to the issue of EMFs.

In the podcast, Matt mentions that he learned about EMF because he became sensitive to it after living next to a Smart Meter for six months. They also discuss the history and current state of wireless technology, specifically focusing on the differences between wifi, 3G, 4G, and 5G. They express concern about 5G because the carrier waves are small enough to be absorbed by the human body and can only travel a short distance before needing to connect to another node or cell tower. The speaker also mentions that the hertz used in these technologies is named after Heinrich Herz, who died young due to exposure to the technology.

In addition, the podcast also touches on the importance of balance and rhythm in our lives, and how the use of technology and screens can disrupt this balance. They mention the concept of "frequency" and how our bodies and brains go through different waves, such as theta, delta, beta, alpha, and gamma waves, and how the blue light from screens can interfere with these natural rhythms and disrupt our sleep patterns. They suggest taking time away from screens and easing into the day instead of immediately checking emails or news in the morning.

Matt also encourages people to speak their truth and to not be afraid to use their voice to bring balance and integrity to the world. He also mentions upcoming new products for Sparrow Gear such as an eye mask, face mesh, and children's clothing.

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