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Be Present In Every Breath

Follow your intuition and heart. Stand in solidarity with the truth.

What is our human potential? When was the last time we allowed ourselves to be present with Self? When was the last time we gave ourselves permission to breathe and relax, appreciating the only moment in time that truly matters, the present moment? These are the questions I continually ask myself, as well as my clients. When we finally stop to innerstand that the present moment is in fact a present, a gift, many of us will then real eyes our divine spark from within. However, many will choose to deny this precious gift as they find themselves stuck in a perpetual state of anxiety, fear, worry, and despair, focusing all their attention-- energy-- on the past (memories) and the future (ideas). My mission is to help facilitate people's journey back to Self--their present moment-- by sharing the knowledge and wisdom from the guests on my show, my music, my films, the experiences I have gained over the years through my trials and tribulations as a personal trainer, and most importantly, my own personal journey in reconnecting with Self. I hope you join me on this heartfelt adventure.