Movement Medicine

Meet Patrick Daly

With over 10 years of personal training experience, working at gyms in the Chicagoland area, corporate gyms in NYC, and running my own company for over 8 years, P.A.T. LIFE training has developed to center around three basic--yet challenging-- tasks: Creating present awareness, reconnecting with the breath, and mastering what I like to call “The Three Tensions” (Intention, attention, and tension.) My goal has been and always will be to help facilitate people’s journey towards Self growth, Self awareness, Self gratitude, and learning to observe Self with a sense of curiosity, logic, wonder, and not just from a purely emotional state. This allows-- as I have witnessed many times throughout my career-- clients to take ownership of their well Being once again, explore the way their body moves with a sense of awe and excitement, and ultimately never needing me again because they have found their way. Some may read that and think, “But then you don’t have them as a client anymore.” Exactly, I did my job. I will give you all the tools necessary to thrive; but in the end, it is you that must commit to the journey. Just know that I’m rooting for you. Take charge of this gift we have all been given: the present moment.


  • GOATA certified trainer
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Pre/Post Natal (x2)
  • Functional Range Conditioning
  • Animal Flow
  • ViPR
  • Weight Management Programming
  • Weight Management Programming Children