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A Call For Stoic Men And Choosing Good Over Evil

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What a pleasure today's episode was with my friend, Matt Belair. Matt, like many other speaking truth, is experiencing the deplatforming circuit across countless social media platforms, as well as financial platforms. However, Matt continues to speak in truth, while spreading a message of positivity and gratitude. Matt and I cover pretty much everything one would expect (the two year beer party, the jabbroni, what's going on in Canaduuuu, the dark entities of this realm, selling your soul/taking the ticket, what we can do as individuals to see the change we desire, God, and so much more.) Matt is a wealth of knowledge because, as we discuss, he takes ownership and responsibility of his and his family's lives. He's spent a great part of his life traveling the world, studying, listening, interviewing, meditating, facing life or death situations, overcoming fears, analyzing and interpreting theological and esoteric ideas, to ultimately further understand Self and his purpose here in this realm. He's also built a community to help others find and experience their own path towards a greater purpose of Self. This is an episode that you're not going to want to miss. You can find Matt: www.mattbelair.com t.me/mattbelair mattbelair.com.mykajabi.com/welcome-pack You can find all my episodes at: unbearablesmedia.com

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