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Be Conscious Of Where You Put Your Energy

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And we're back with another amazing episode. This time, I had the pleasure of bringing back on my good friend, Jon Snip, as we discuss all things energy. Jon and I go into how the treatment of our soil, animals, and plants effects the energy of the food we then consume and the potential benefit or harm it then has on us. However, this is not a direct current of energy; it is in fact alternating, cyclical-- could it be-- as the energy within this enclosed system is in constant motion (vortices). We dig into energy harvesting, the overall effects city living has on people's electrical charge, and how this "lack of charge" is then manifested in the physical body-- and most people then expend their energy removing or replacing the physical disease. We talk about the importance of community, the necessity for "good and evil", energy "vampires", ancient architecture, the human body as a portable power station, music and the importance of different frequencies and vibrations in order to create a grander sound within the symphony of this realm. You can find Jon and all of his links on Instagram: Jon.Snip

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