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GOATA= Nature, Vortices, Sacred Geometry, Strength & A Life That's Pain Free

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Do you have flat feet? Do you have lower back problems? Have you had knee surgeries, spinal fusions, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, or all of the above? Ricky is here to take us through the reasons and the solution to healing these injuries: GOATA (Greatest Of All Time Actions). In this episode, Ricky Stanzi explains what GOATA is, how it came to be, and the WHY behind Ricky and his team's passion to help others. Ricky explains that the issue that lies with most people in western culture is that people live with what they call Inner Ankle Bone Low (IABL: WOATA) when we should be Inner Ankle Bone High (IABH). Ricky goes on to explain how they use and work with the perfection of nature and its design by working within the Global Law (Sacred geometry, the natural vortices throughout the human body, observing infants and indigenous tribes and their movements using slow motion video, and much more.) We spend some time diving into the importance of training the CNS (central nervous system), as we are in fact electric beings and a large portion of the population has a disconnect from their vessel due to the lack of awareness of their potential energetic state (i.e. people who can't lift their big toe off the floor without lifting the other toes.) If a life without pain (acute or chronic) is what you desire, this episode is worth listening to. If you are looking to burn off steam, get a good sweat, and spend time with friends on the weekends, this episode is worth tuning in. If you are looking to play high school, collegiate, or professional sport(s), this episode is for you. As Ricky mentions, we are all athletes to some degree since we all have feet and ankles; we all have to move through space and time; and we all have a neurological system that creates a harmonious flow of the mind, body, and spirit when give the vessel what it desires. It's your body, reconnect with it. You can find Ricky on Instagram: @red_pill.rick You can also find the team on Instagram: @gls_performance_team @goata_loco @gls_training @cody_goata @loadthebow You can find more information about a GOATA coach: goatamovement.com goatacoaches.com

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