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Overcome A Life Of Regret

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We're back with another great episode. I was honored to be joined by my friend Clay Elliott, as we dove into what it means to fail, and how failure is essential for success (moral, as well as material.) We discussed how the schooling system is set up to condition children and young adults into achieving success within the "green check marks and red x's" method. This is where memorization and regurgitating what peers and authority figures tell you is how one seeks their overall worth. We tackle the importance of approaching life with a curious, unique, and authentic mind, as well as finding accountability in your life through the help and support of a community of like-minded individuals. This life, in this current vessel, is very short. Therefore, your perspective of the world-- but more importantly, your perspective of yourself-- is critical for the fruition of the life you desire. It does not have to be consumed by regrets, if you so choose. But as I just said, it ultimately becomes your choice. You can find Clay on Instagram: claytonelliottcom Be sure to tune in at Unbearablesmedia.com

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