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A Deeper Dive Into Brown's Gas And Addressing The Critics (George Wiseman)

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George is offering a generous 20% off ($499) the purchase of his Aquacure when typing in the promo code: patlife George Wiseman, inventor of the Brown's gas 'AquaCure' machine, and many other inventions, joins us to explain and help us further comprehend what separates Brown's gas from hydrogen machines commonly found on the market. We address the concerns of Lye and its necessary use within the AquaCure machine, the literature on Brown's gas, and where it can be found in nature. Hint: All around you. If you have any qualms with the AquaCure, George, or this entire field of alternative... Beauty products... Then this episode is worth listening to with an open ear, and I hope it helps clear up any uncertainties. You can find George's machines, as well as his other inventions/products at AquaCure.life. You can also find there all the literature, testimonies, case studies, and much more. You can find my past conversations with George in episodes: 73 & 105

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