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Fear, The 11 Systems Of The Body, Programming, And Childhood Traumas

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Today's episode is a breakdown of what fear and stress does to the body and its 11 systems. I do my best to show how the systems of the body are all interconnected and when an individual has succumbed to the fears perpetuated by the mainstream and the people at large, what effect it ultimately has on one's well being. I then go into how none of this is by mistake or naturally occurring and what childhood trauma/indoctrination does to an individuals perceived understanding of the world around them as an adult. I go into how programming and programming occurred around the same time in the 1950's, who started it, who supervised and funded it, the players involved, as well as what their relationships and ties to other big figures that pushed agendas in which many follow and believe today. There is a lot of information in this podcast, and I know I missed stuff, left stuff out (integumentary system) by accident, and do not have a complete and in depth understanding of every component to some of these points. However, the biggest take away from this video is to real eyes, realize the magnitude in which fear deteriorates this perfect creation, gift, given to us-- Self-- by God. We have a purpose and our purpose and existence carries a power much greater than the prince of this world would like us to believe. When in doubt, connect with nature and the present moment; breath. Be sure to check out the episodes at unbearablesmedia.com

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