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I had the honor of being joined by Woodshop Bear and Fancy Bear, as we went over their health and wellness goals, as well as injuries (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical), and any limitations that may be keeping them from those goals. We go over what I call "The three tensions", personal stories, the fascia, vagal nerve, the neurological highways in our bodies, Alchemical transformation, taking back the power to heal Self, as well as some simple approaches to connecting the oil, carbon and salt once again. I can't thank them enough for coming on and sharing their personal stories. I look forward to doing it again! If you would like to support the show, you can become a Patreon member at the link here: Patreon.com/pat_life If you are looking to homeschool your children, or know someone who is looking to homeschool, please check out Brett Pike's website and link below for his newly launched Homeschools Connected. Here, he gives parents all the tools they need to start the homeschooling process, as well as a curriculum tailored to your child/children's interest and strengths. Apply promo code: pat for $5 off your monthly subscription. With the promo code, you'll be receiving all of the benefits of the website and community for only $10 a month. https://launchpass.com/homeschool-con... Be sure to check out all episodes at unbearablesmedia.com

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