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Reestablishing The Balance Of Salt and Oil

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Coming back hot with the heathen wizard himself, Benjamin Balderson. In this episode, we focus in on innerstanding the salt and oil of a plant, the sun and moon, as well as within us. Benjamin explains the value of these components individually, in their purest form, as well as when they are reconnected through the alchemical process. Once they are remarried, they cannot be broken. Benjamin describes this as the true philosopher's stone, the phoenix. We then deep dive into the absence of the salt within people, especially men, in today's society, and the consequences of having an oil driven world. As Benjamin points out, and I'm paraphrasing: If the oil is introduced to too much heat, it will scorch the oil, rendering it useless. He also drives home the point that we are either creating motion (Salt) or emotion (Oil), and what needs to be done on an individual level to once again find balance within this cyclical system in which we are a part of. You're not going to want to miss this episode. You can find Benjamin on Youtube: Benjamin Balderson Website: heathenwizards.com You can send him a personal letter at: P.O. Box 32 alderpoint ca 95511

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