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Mapping The Eye And What They're Communicating To Us

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We're back with the one and only, Hippy Britt! If you're wondering what she sees, what she's looking for, and what you can ultimately do to begin the journey of healing Self, Britt breaks it all down in this episode. In this episode, Britt shows us a handful of hers, as well as her clients eyes, and what exactly she looks for. We discuss what true blue eyes are, as well as what toxic and genetic weaknesses do to offset the colors in our eyes. She takes us through what the different weaknesses (radii solaris, nerve rings, etc) are and how they manifest in the eye. We break down the importance of the pineal gland, the pituitary gland; we discuss the importance of making time for yourSelf; we dive into the many benefits of healing from honoring the role as a parent/Shepard, and that the solution lives within in you for true Well Being. We wrap things up by discussing coffee enemas, and their list of health benefits. Britt brings some thick gravy, and I can assure that you are not going to want to miss this episode. You can find Britt on Instagram: @hippybritt If you would like to support the show, you can become a Patreon member at the link here: Patreon.com/pat_life If you are looking to homeschool your children, or know someone who is looking to homeschool, please check out Brett Pike's website and link below for his newly launched Homeschools Connected. Here, he gives parents all the tools they need to start the homeschooling process, as well as a curriculum tailored to your child/children's interest and strengths. Apply promo code: pat for $5 off your monthly subscription. With the promo code, you'll be receiving all of the benefits of the website and community for only $10 a month. https://launchpass.com/homeschool-con... Be sure to check out all episodes at unbearablesmedia.com

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