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The Cost Of Healing Is Cheap, and it Begins and Ends Within You

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It was such an honor to have our next guest on the show today, the one and only Dr. Mark Bailey. Many of you are probably aware of Mark and his wife, Dr. Sam Bailey's work as they have dedicated the past 3 years to leading the charge in unraveling the contagion myth. In this episode, Mark and I discuss some of those key points, while then directing most of our conversation on the beautiful nature of the human being, and our natural healing abilities. We discuss our own experiences with healing, some of our patients/clients experiences, the power of the breath and present awareness, and overall finding gratitude within ourselves for what this life has to offer. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. You can find all of Mark and Sam's work at drsambailey.com. You can also find them at TheEndOfCovid.com.

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