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Nice Guys Finish Last, And A Whole New Meaning

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I'm excited to share this episode with you, as I was honored to have on the show, Sam Tripoli. Sam has been a comedian for over 25 years, and an "OG" in the podcasting world. Sam shares his story as to how he got into comedy, podcasting, as well as his journey with addiction, and how much he's grown through the trials and tribulations in his life. We dive into fasting, commitment/dedication to Self, and striving to embody the potential within. Sam and I discuss the situation over the last 2 years, what we learned about ourselves, and how to move forward and leading by example. We cover some conspiracy talking points, but the big take away from this episode is that each of our journey's is authentic; and if you are coming from a place of gratitude, joy, and appreciation-- although it's not easy-- you will finish last. You can find Sam: samtripoli.com For all the podcasts, music, and training, visit my website: thepatlife.org Information on the Aquacure: Eagle research is offering a generous 20% off ($499) the purchase of his Aquacure when typing in the promo code: patlife If you would like to support the show, you can become a Patreon member at the link here: Patreon.com/pat_life If you are looking to homeschool your children, or know someone who is looking to homeschool, please check out Brett Pike's website and link below for his newly launched Homeschools Connected. Here, he gives parents all the tools they need to start the homeschooling process, as well as a curriculum tailored to your child/children's interest and strengths. Apply promo code: pat for $5 off your monthly subscription. With the promo code, you'll be receiving all of the benefits of the website and community for only $10 a month. https://launchpass.com/homeschool-con... Unbearablesmedia.com

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