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The End Of Covid

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Honored to have my good friend Alec Zeck back on the show. Alec co-founded The End Of Covid, a one stop shop for all the content needed to further innerstand the truth of our current medical, legal, and financial system. With over 90+ hours of content in the form of modules, any one at any stage of awareness and knowledge of these fields of study will be able to walk away with a greater knowing of these preconceived, "complex" subjects. Alec and his team are running a promotion where they are allowing anyone to watch the content for free up until October 11th. Please go check out this material at: theendofcovid.com

Alec has his own podcast, shop, and private membership at https://thewayfwrd.com/

Here you will be able to "find your people" such as practitioners, community, and resources that work parallel to the mainstream system. There are two memberships available:

1. You pay what you want and have access to business directory (discounts included), and member directory.2.

2. Full membership that includes everything.

Again, the websites are theendofcovid.com and thewayfwrd.com

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