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Weston A. Price Foundation (Sally Fallon Morell)

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Ep. 114: Weston A. Price Foundation w/ Sally Fallon Morell

We are back with another incredible episode! Our guest today is one of the founders of the acclaimed Weston A. Price foundation, as well as the author of several, critical books, Sally Fallon Morell. Sally shares with us her reasons for founding the Weston A. Price foundation, who Mr. Price was, his journey, and his observations in relation to tribesmen (primitive people), their diet, and their bone structure in the jaws and teeth, and how it changed with the introduction of the modern western diet. We dive into her book, The Contagion Myth, co-authored by Dr. Tom Cowan, why the Germ Theory is still a theory, and why it is a weak theory, at best. We discuss the lack of healthy fats in the modern diet, the backstory of these deadly dis-eases, and the truth as to why people were, are, and are going to be sick.

You can find Sally at: https://www.westonaprice.org/

as well as Instagram: sallyfallonmorell

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